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About RYL Inc

We are living in the world that everything changes rapidly and we're facing
the flood of information.
In this fast-changing era, the demand to record information
has been increasing gradually. This necessity is applied not only to organizations,
companies but also to individuals. The more information is flooded, the higher necessity to select
& record necessary information increases. Also the importance of information security grows continuously like the concept
of spear vs. shield. So many people are seeking for reliable devices to keep their information in covert.

Our company provides security devices to customers around the world.
Record Your Life Inc is the professional manufacturer of security products such as Smart Phone Security Products,
Digital Voice Recorder, Spy Pen Voice Recorder, Spy Pen Video Recorder, Mobile Phone Scrambler, CCTV Cables,
Vehicle Accessories & Recording Accessories.

We made inroads into the global market since 2007 and are getting good feedback from our customers around the world.
Record Your Life Inc. has been doing the best to provide customers with quality products, reliable customer service
and fast lead time.

The Business Gate to the World! - Record Your Life Inc.
We hope to serve you soon.