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RYL-OTG Cable, Connection Cable Between RYL Voice Recorders & Android based Smart Phone, OTG Cable



Connection Cable Between RYL Voice Recorders & Android based Smart Phone
Unique Features:
1) connecting RYL Voice Recorder / Video Recorder (USR-350, USR-300, RYL-Pen VR9, RYL-USB Cam7) to Smart Phone
2) instant playing recording files on smart phone without connecting to PC
3) available to email recording file to associated person on Smart Phone
4) available to copy recording file to Smart Phone
5) instant delete recording file on Smart Phone without connecting to PC

RYL-OTG cable is compatible with Android based smart phones which have OTG function.
iPhone is not available to use OTG cable.

compatible Voice Recorders / Video Recorder to use OTG function:
USR-350 / USR-300 / RYL-Pen VR9 / RYL-USB Cam7

< Caution >
1) If you wish to delete recording file of your voice recorder on your smart phone using OTG cable,
please be aware that deleted recording file can not be retrieved.
2) So, it is recommended to move and save recording file you wish to delete to your PC before deleting it on your smart phone.
3) Sharing recording file on your SNS account or emailing recording file to associated person or distributing recording file to third party:
Results and Responsibilities for sharing or emailing or distributing recording file are up to you.




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