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Spy Pen Voice Recorder RYL-Pen VR7

RYL-Pen VR7 is a professional spy pen voice recorder featuring 140 hours recording time & Covert Voice Recording.


Professional Spy Pen Voice Recorder RYL-Pen VR7

Unique Features:
• Slimmest & Stylish Pen Voice Recorder
• Using as ballpoint pen in the meeting
• Voice Activated Recording
• Various Recording Mode (XHQ/HQ/LP)
• ALC(Automatic Recording Level Control)
• One-touch Instant Voice Recording
• Simple Operation & Wired Remote Controller
• Auto File Introduction & Various Search Function
• First / Last Recording File Search
• Continuous Recording Time: 12 Hours
• Standby Power: 0 Watt
• High Quality Voice Recording
• Auto File Split Function (per 5 hours)




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